Akcia na rozvoz

We want to inform you that:

when ordering lunch menu no. 1,2,3,9 handling fee of 0,20 € is charged to the price of the daily menu

when ordering a special daily menu or weekend menu, a handling fee of 0,35 € is charged to the price of the menu

orders for deily menu delivery are accepted in a minimum of two portions

When ordering a pizza or meal from a restaurant menu for delivery, a handling fee of 0,35 €, is charged even for free pizza in speccial offer 3 for 2

For meals for delivery (code 84 - 98) we accept orders for two portions at least

We try to deliver all meals and pizza within 60 minutes. However, it is sometimes not possible to keep this interval, especially at the time of lunch (on weekdays) or when unforeseen circumstances such as heavy urban traffic, bad weather, etc. occur. In such cases, we may experience delays for which we apologize in advance

You can order on the phone number 0917 503 000

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